We Buy Antique Chinese Furniture and Porcelain. If you have any of the antique furniture and porcelain to sell, Call, Message or Email me now with pictures for a Free quotation.

  • Antique blackwood (酶枝)
  • New and Antique HuangHuaLi (黄花梨)
  • Zitan (紫檀)
  • Antique Porcelain (瓷噐)


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If you have any antique Chinese furniture made of Blackwood, Huanghuali (黄花梨) or Zitan (紫檀) that looks "obiang" in your house or cannot fit well in your environment, please contact me (KK Yau) for a quotation to buy from you. The contact form on this page is for your convenience and to upload a photo of your furniture.


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